Assistant Manager, Marketing

Posted on: 07 June 2021, Deadline: 13 June 2021
Deadline: 13 June 2021

About Think Advertising

Think is where your inspirations translate to actions and your aspirations can be ticked off as goals met and targets achieved. We are a full-service advertising agency with exciting tools at our disposal and a portfolio that consists of the most prestigious names in the country. Formed in 2005, our team brings together local talent that combine knowledge, creativity and organizational strength to create and execute advertising and marketing campaigns nationwide. There is no substitute for local knowledge and we know the market like no other. Combine that with the high standards we maintain, and it is no wonder we are seen as the leaders in our business. We are always pushing our boundaries and expanding our horizons to serve you more!

We are the first advertising agency in the country and it only matters because we are also seen as the largest and the number one in the business. Let us think through to seek new ways for you to soar above your competition.


M. Chaandhaneege, 3rd Floor
Alhivilaa Magu,
20292 Male', Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 332 2222 / +960 334 2640

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