Tender - Taxpayer Perception Survey

Posted on: 09 June 2021, Deadline: 23 June 2021
Deadline: 23 June 2021

About DAI

DAI works at the cutting edge of international development, combining technical excellence,
professional project management, and exceptional customer service to solve our clients’ most
complex problems. Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150 countries, providing comprehensive
development solutions in areas including crisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic
governance and public sector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development
and financial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza control, water and natural
resources management, and energy and climate change. Clients include international development
agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations, foundations and host-country


Tel: 3312514
Email: maldivesPFM@dai.com

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