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Posted on: 20 October 2021, Deadline: 28 October 2021
Deadline: 28 October 2021

About Maldives Finance and Leasing Company Pvt Ltd

Maldives Finance and Leasing Company Private Limited (MFLC) was set up in 2001 and commenced operations in June 2002. Establishing a formal leasing industry in the Maldives was an initiative of the International Finance Corporation and the Maldives Monetary Authority. The primary objective in setting up the company was to diversify the Maldivian financial sector and to instill healthy competition amongst its players.

In April 2014, MFLC was acquired by Tree Top Investments Pvt Ltd, a company that was founded in 2013 by a group of successful businessmen with illustrious careers. Tree Top has investments in diverse sectors of Maldives including, Hotels and Resorts, Financial Services, Food and Beverage, Construction, Real Estate, Retail and Wholesale trade, Transportation and many more.

MFLC’s primary objective is to provide finance leases to small and medium scale business enterprises in the Maldives. However, we do offer micro-leases (Lifestyle Lease and Easy Lease) to professionals who are employed in the Civil Service, State Institutions and other private sector companies of repute.


4th Floor, H. Filigasdhoshuge
Ameer Ahmed Magu
Male’, Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 331 5605 / +960 331 5606

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